Wetiko's adversary


We are very much afraid of the word magic, it has a bad name, for its meaning has degenerated and it has a purely superstitious sound in our ears. But magical was originally simply psychical, the ancients did not know of the existence of the psyche, so not being able to call anything psychic they used the word magic.

Carl Jung - ETH Lecture XI Page 71


The term “spirituality” is taken from the Latin SPIRITUALIS, itself from SPIRITUS (spirit). That gives us in the language of the “gods”: SI (light), PIRIG (brilliant) and the verbal form US (being near, to follow, attend), thus SI-PIRIG-US “to follow the brilliant light”.

Anton Parks

Gematria 666


In Gematria, where each Hebrew letter has a numerical value, the number 666 is often associated with the Hebrew spelling of “Nero Caesar”.