Wetiko's adversary

Philautia II


I am going prioritize these tasks:

  1. Dance more (simple)
  2. Don’t be addicted (doable)
  3. Hate less, love more (doable)
  4. Just do it (difficult)

These I will focus on later:

  1. Practice small talk (extra difficult)

Tinnitus suddenly changed


Jump from approximately 16Khz to 18Khz.

Eyelid movement (programming) failing once again.

Could my new masters please announce themselves?



Strong zap to the head, as if radiation blasted. Pain left brain hemisphere. All while in bed. I would like to press charges if possible but don’t know how.

Within reason


The end justifies the means.

Update 2024-03-25:

“If you can’t beat them, join them” does not mean that they cannot be beaten.

I dare say


For the first time since february 25 last year I’m back feeling a bit like myself again.


Dreamt of an old trauma


Couple days ago.

Could mean someone is reading my memories.

Could mean someone has been recording me all my life.

Please can I get a ride


to get rid of these terrible feelings in a more timely manner?

Is there any way to speed things up? I don’t mind a little friction pain.



“All friendly feelings for others are an extension of a man’s feelings for himself” - Aristotle

In order to love myself better I would like to improve on these things:

  • Memory
  • Charisma
  • Vocal performance
  • Dance

It must've been destined


I see many different people openly write and speak about illuminati. Why was my laptop hacked? Why was I thrown into a pit?

Please may I walk my own path


I want to stay with society, don’t want to be part of a government program, would like my dreams back and am interested in learning about meditation on my own accord. I’ve said some dumb things in my past which I would like to take back, I want to end the generational curse and therefore beg forgiveness. I am sorry :'(

What I meant with


Edit 2024-03-26:

I was clearly psychotic when I proclaimed that one version of me did not wake up again and a version full of electronics had woken up after time had split, the clone sensations were hard to describe.

Resonating thoughts


I notice that my thoughts are now less resonating (echoing) than before during the past year.

More directions

Thank you everyone


Thank you beautiful people

Thank you healthcare

Thank you winchperson

Thank you soo soo much for the lifting



I think I’ve once heard Sadhguru say that ojas is like sipping from Mother Earth. Could my (ether?) issue be a cause for my unusually quick metabolism?



I don’t know who to blame for ending up in this situation but myself…

Thanks for the recovery!



By publishing content on this blog I introduce complexity to the problem at hand (read: antennas in brain). It’s my best attempt at finding a solution to remove the antennas. I’ve not had counsel but would like to have.

Good job winchman 🤜🤛


I guess these are the steps required to take the antennas out. I don’t understand why no one came up with a quicker way, I can image there must be technology to remove them within an evening or so. But you have been hard at work for the last couple of days, good job winchman 🤜🤛

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