Wetiko's adversary

The auric bodies

  1. the astral body
  2. the emotional body
  3. the etheric body
  4. the intuitive body
  5. the mental body
  6. the physical body
  7. the spiritual body
  8. et. cetera

Cancer cure


11,780,000 or 23,560,000 light pulses per second

Update 2024-03-26:

Forgot to mention that the term for these frequencies is “Rife frequency”.

The Tachyon particle


Through the use of the Tachyon particle, it becomes possible to transform wave energy at a point of departure so it can be used to travel for long distances faster than the speed of light. Upon approach at an arrival point it can be transformed back into energy.

Zecharia Sitchin


Wrote a book, “The 12th Planet,” originally published in 1976, theorizing that Sumerians had knowledge of a twelfth planet in our solar system, Nibiru.

Update 02-22-2024:

One should think critically of this. Sitchin could have made a misinterpretation.