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Gateway Process


“Gateway Process” is a technique that can be used to escape the restrictions of time and space.

The following 1983 document was declassified in 2003: Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process

“most if not all people reputedly go into an out-of-body state during REM sleep”


...the left side of the brain screens incoming stimuli, categorizing, assessing and assigning meaning to everything through self-cognitive, verbal, and linear reasoning.

The left hemisphere then dishes the carefully prepared data to the non-critical, holistic, pattern-oriented right hemisphere, which accepts everything without question.

Hypnosis works by putting the left side to sleep, or at least distracting it long enough to allow incoming data directly, unchallenged entry to the right hemisphere.

There, stimuli can reach the sensor and motor cortices of the right brain, which corresponds to points in the body. Suggestions then can send electrical signals from the brain to certain parts of the body.

Directing these signals appropriately, according to the report, can elicit reactions ranging from left leg numbness to feelings of happiness. Same goes for increased powers of concentration.

Transcendental meditation

Through concentration the subject draws energy up the spinal cord, resulting in acoustical waves that run through the cerebral ventricles, to the right hemisphere, where they stimulate the cerebral cortex, run along the homunculus and then to the body.

The waves are the altered rhythm of heart sounds, which create sympathetic vibrations in the walls of the fluid-filled cavities of the brain’s ventricles.

He observed that the symptoms begin in the left side of the body, confirming the right brain’s complicity. Bentov also states that the same effect might be achieved by prolonged exposure to 4 - 7 Hertz/second acoustical vibrations.

Cancer cure


11,780,000 or 23,560,000 light pulses per second

Update 2024-03-26:

Forgot to mention that the term for these frequencies is “Rife frequency”.

The Tachyon particle


Through the use of the Tachyon particle, it becomes possible to transform wave energy at a point of departure so it can be used to travel for long distances faster than the speed of light. Upon approach at an arrival point it can be transformed back into energy.



We use base 10 mathematics but the universe is geomatrically structured on base 3, 6, 9 and 12.

Consciousness outside of the Earth matrix


“The record for the farthest distance that humans have traveled goes to the all-American crew of the famous Apollo 13 shuttle, who were 400,171 kilometers (248,655 miles) away from Earth on April 14, 1970.”


Rules out we owe our consciousness to 5G or a machine hidden on Earth. Makes believe everyone holds their own conscious, that it spreads through conversation.