Wetiko's adversary

Crop Circles


Crop circles are insignias and logos of the Dark Side created by the same hyperdimensional tricksters that plague the planet.

Zecharia Sitchin


Wrote a book, “The 12th Planet,” originally published in 1976, theorizing that Sumerians had knowledge of a twelfth planet in our solar system, Nibiru.

Update 02-22-2024:

One should think critically of this. Sitchin could have made a misinterpretation.

The Illuminati agenda


Warning: this site proposes evolution through technology, which would place us on the same evolutionary trajectory as the Greys. But some of their ideas could be interpreted as inspirational nonetheless.

“a unified planet without national borders, governed by the best and the brightest of the human species”

“Humans cannot be forced into peace. Only time and persuasion can convince individuals of their true power when working for the advancement of the collective instead of for personal enrichment.”


edited 2024-03-26

Christopher Mellon: Government's inability to explain flying objects strengthens alien hypothesis


The United States government’s admission that it could not identify over 100 mysterious flying objects points to the existence of aliens, according to Christopher Mellon, the former Deputy Assistant Director of Defense.

“Reports submitted by the Director of National Intelligence said that we see no evidence that its from a foreign government, none of the instances of the 144 instances they identified could be explained by US classified resource programs, so that leaves you wondering then what hypothesis best fits the facts and frankly the alien hypothesis fits the facts,” Mellon said while appearing on Hill. TV’s “Rising.”

Last summer, the Director of National Intelligence released a report revealing that the government could not explain 143 out of 144 military encounters with unidentified flying objects.

Mellon said the government, including the Air Force, do not seem to know how to address the rising interest from lawmakers and the public regarding so-called ​​Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

“This sudden interest after a half a century of disinterest on the part of the American people and the American public, this sudden surge of interest from Congress has got them it seems in a very awkward position and they seem to be struggling to determine what to say about it and how to say it and to whom,” he said.

There are still many questions that have yet to be answered, Mellon added, such as “how is this happening, why is this happening, and some of it is going to be why have you not been more forthcoming with this information and sharing this information?”