Wetiko's adversary

Implants can be turned off


the Anunnaki created the biological form—the body, the Sirians created the functional implants, and Marduk executed the programming of these functional implants so they would evolve along a programmed path

Many of those who have come to earth as human teachers have tried to reveal how deep and broad and high this illusion has been made. It is as far as the edge of the universe and as close as your DNA. Everywhere in between is illusion.

[…] there are two methods that can make exposing this illusion a very difficult proposition.

The first is that the unconscious mind system is inside everyone. It’s like a field of information that everyone can access. It can affect or infect everyone.

[…] The other, and this is more pernicious, is that the functional implants are programmed, and like any program, they can be upgraded or even turned off.

Source: The Fifth Interview of Dr. Neruda